Most influenced people in programming world

Tim Berners – Lee | Anil Labs
Tim Berners | Anil Labs
Tim Berners – Lee
  • DOB : June 8th,1955
  • 1989 : Inventor of HTML and www
  • Director of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
  • Founder of the World Wide Web Foundation
Matt Mullenweg | Anil Labs
Matt Mullenweg
Matt Mullenweg

DOB : Jan 11th, 1984

Founder of wordpress (2005).

2005 : Founded Automatic

WordPress receives 90 millions visits monthly.

Turned down 200 million dollars to sell his company.

Larry Page | Anil Labs
Larry Page | Anil Labs
DOB : March 26th, 1973

Larry Page

Co-Founded Google, along with Sergey Brin

Developed the Pagerank Algorithim

24th Richest person in the world. Personal wealth 17.5 billion.

Ranked 5th most powerful person in world by Forbes

Linus Torvalds | Anil Labs
Linus Torvalds | Anil Labs
Linus Torvalds

DOB: Dec 28th

Creator of Linux OS(1991)

Linux Kernal – heart of Linux OS and is Open Source.

Linux is primarily a server platform but desktop and office use is on the rise.

Numerous versions of OS’s have been realeased based on the Linux kernel source code

Net Worth : App. 20 Million

Dennies Ritchie | Anil Labs
Dennies Ritchie | Anil Labs
Dennies Ritchie

DOB: September 9th, 1941

Creator of C programming language and key developer of UNIX OS (1969).

UNIX and C language was the tipping point for users to switch from large computers to mini desktops.

Was the Head of Lucent technology and retired in 2007.

Rasmus Lerdor | Anil Labs
Rasmus Lerdor | Anil Labs
Rasmus Lerdor

DOB : Nov 22nd

Creator of PHP programming (1995)

PHP runs over 34% of websites online.

Employed as an Infrastructure Architect until 2009.

He is currently employed at to develop their API.

James Gosling | Anil Labs
James Gosling | Anil Labs
James Gosling

DOB : May 19th , 1955

Creator of Java programming Language (1994).

1984 – 2010 Gosling was employed by Sun Microsystems.

Created the original design design of Java and implemented its original complier and virtual machine.

Elected into the United States National Academy of Engineering and made Officer of the order of Canada.

Bram Cohen | Anil Labs
Bram Cohen | Anil Labs
Bram Cohen

DOB : 1975

Author of P2P BitTorrent Protocol

Designed BitTorrent to download files from many different sources –speeding up download time.

Collected free pornography to lure testers for BitTorrent

Co-Founder of CodeCon – annual conference for hackers.

Craig Newmark | Anil Labs
Craig Newmark | Anil Labs
Craig Newmark

DOB : Dec 6th, 1952

Founder of Craigslist(1995)

Started Craigslist as an email thread for events going on in San Francisco

Craigslist receives 20 billion page views per month

Craigslist annual revenue ws 150 million in 2007. owns 25% of Craigslist

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