How to import and export big database files

Hello friends, today i want to share some basic concepts but we need to know about import and export databases. If it is small database file, we can directly export or import from the phpmyadmin. Process to export: 1) Go to phpmyadmin -> click on database -> there we have button called “export”. 2) When …

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mysql PHP Code

How to get list of table names from database in mysql?

Hi friends, I got the requirement to display the list of table names from the database using php code. I got the solution for it, once check the below code. 1) Connect to database: mysql_connect(“dbserver”,”dbuser”,”dbpassword”); 2)Get the list of tables from table $result = mysql_list_tables(“dbname”); 3) Count the total number of tables $num_tables = mysql_num_rows($result); …

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