CMS Wordpress

How to create WordPress widgets with demo

Hi friends, In this post I am going to explain about wordpress custom widget and how to create WordPress widgets using with demo. For widget development we have follow the functions as mentioned in below. 1. Widget Class name should be ended with ‘_Widget’ only. 2. Class should extends ‘WP_Widget’ 3. Have four functions a) …

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How to implement google map in smarty?

Hi friends , the following script will discuss for how to implement google map in smarty application. 1) Sign up for API key of googlemap 2) Create a google map class.   3) Create a tpl file, and add below code : {php} $key="Your API Key"; $gm = & new EasyGoogleMap($key); $gm->SetMarkerIconStyle(’STAR’); $gm->SetMapZoom(10); $city …

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Graphs or Charts PHP Code

PHP Charts with using Google API

In this post i would like to explain about how to create php charts using the Google API key. It is very simple to implement with few files.I have explained with demo. The chart like this one: To set the chart : // Set graph data $data = array( ‘PHP’ => 50, ‘ROR’ => 15, …

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