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HTTPS for Anil Labs Blogspot domain

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This post will explain about HTTPS for Anil Labs Blogspot domain by Google. In last year September, Google announced that HTTPS support coming to Blogspot, now officially enabled the HTTPS. ( Anil Labs Blogspot domain Once login to your and go your blog we will get below message Your HTTPS settings have changed. All

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Foundation front-end framework installation

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In this post, I will explain about how to install Foundation Frontend Framework. A Framework for any device, medium and accessibility. Foundation is responsive front-end framework. Using this framework we can design responsive websites and apps. Foundation is semantic, readable, flexible and customizable. With below commands we can install it and run the application. Commands

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Google Chrome no longer be supported for Linux 32 bit devices

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In this post, I want to inform you regarding Google Chrome doesn’t support for Linux 32 bit devices. When I open Chrome browser and got the message. This computer will soon stop receiving Google Chrome updates because this Linux system will no longer be supported I am using Ubuntu 14.04 with 32 bit Below is

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Installation and usage of Git with commands

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This post explains about installation of Git and commands which we use is frequently. Earlier we learned about installation of SVN and work with SVN. Now we can learn about Git. Install Git into Ubuntu sudo apt-get install  git creating ssh key: Generate a SSH key pair:  ssh-keygen -t rsa After installation we can follow

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Hi friends, I have launched new product i.e. – its a true help for your development, career and blogs. As a developer you can register to the application and start add the blog link with associated blog feed. You can view all blog links and latest posts within the page. You can go

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An email service which protects your privacy

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Privacy is very popular topic which was recently raised by many bloggers and Tech sites, so we don’t want to stay behind that, and talk about secure email services. In one of the interviews, famous Edward Snowden, said that people should not use Dropbox, Google and Facebook, if they really want to stay secure and

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Improve your website performance – 2

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Hi friends, in the earlier post I have explained few steps to improve website performance. In this post I am going to explain few more points. Using .htaccess file also we can improve performances of our websites. We can write below points in our .htaccess file to improve our website performance. 1. Rewrite urls (

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Upload files to server using SCP / SSH

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Hi friends, In this post I am going to explain how to upload your large files / database files to server using terminal with the help of commands SCP or SSH. Basic command for uploading files scp -P [PORT NUMBER] [PATH OF YOUR LOCAL FILE] [USERNAME]@[HOST]:[DESTINATION PATH] Here [PORT NUMBER] : The default port number

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