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What is TikiWiki opensorce and how to install in localhost?

Tiki is a leading open source full featured content management system (CMS) and Groupware (Intranet) suited for many types of online communities. Features include Articles, forums, blogs, directory, topics, wiki, polls, trackers, image galleries, webmail, and much more. Using PHP, MySQL and Smarty.

The main features of TikiWiki:

1)         Maintaining the Wikies (Which is like wikipedia)

2)         Maintaining the Forums (which is like phpBB)

3)         Maintaining the Blogs (Which is like WordPress)

4)         Maintaining the Articles (Which is like Digg)

5)         Maintaining the Image Gallery (which is like Flickr)

6)         Maintaining the Map Server (Which is like Google Maps)

7)         Maintaining the Link Directory (Which is like DNOZ)

8)         Maintaining the Multilingual (Which is like Babel Fish)

9)         Maintaining the Bugtracker (Which is like Bugzilla)

10)        Maintaining the Rss feeds (Which is like in & out)

11)        It is free source software (LGPL).

Why use the TikiWiki:

1)    Tiki has fine-grained user and group permissions. This allows you to easily give users access to exactly what they need.

2)    Tiki is uses the powerful template engine called the Smarty, so we can easily maintained and customizing the templates.

3)    Tiki uses the database abstraction which uses the ADODB and MySQL.

4)    As a leading CMS application, Tiki has the many awards by the software community.

How to install the TikiWiki

1)     Download the latest version of TikiWiki from the site : http://info.tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=Get+Tiki&bl=y

2)    Unzip the downloaded file and place that file at your localhost www folder.

3)    Run the file like http://localhost/tikiwiki-3.0/tiki-install.php

Download this  from :

URL:           http://info.tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php