Integrating Google Checkout in OsCommerce

To integrate Google checkout in Oscommcerce , following steps should .


1 download the Google checkout addon from the

2 Follow the steps in the installation file.

3 In the catalog folder change the following files:

  • – checkout_payment.php
  • – gc_return.php
  • – login.php
  • – shoping_cart.php

4 craete a google checkout folder.
5 In the catalog –
includes- english-modules-payment-googlecheckout.php
for different languages. do the same thing.
6 In the the modules folder – in the payment – create a file googlecheckout.php

7 In admin folder.

  • change the – htaccess.php
  • – modules.php
  • – orders.php
  • in includes – functions – genereal.php

In these files we have to add and change for installation the google checkout module for oscommerce.

To integrate the google checkout module to the payment.
In the admin section – in the the modules options – enable the google checkout option and give the Production Merchant ID and Production Merchant Key, then we can successfully integrate the google checkout in oscommerce.

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