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Website uptime monitoring using PHP script

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This post explains about website monitoring. My friend Vidhi made simple script to get the your website uptime. Using this script we will get information about your websites. If we have more number of websites then it is an awesome tool to monitor your websites. We have the basic need to check weather the our

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How to add HTML content in php mail() function

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In this post i would like to explain about how to add HTML content to PHP mail() function. Few servers are supports PHP mailer class then we can send mails with Sending mails using PHP mailer class . And few servers are not supporting PHP mailer class. For those below function will be useful to

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Sending mail using phpmailer and gmail as smtp

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Hello friends following script will work for sending mail with using of phpmalier class and gmail as smtp.This will be work for you if there is no mail support to your domain. it will be working in localhost also. Download php mailer class from     PHP Code After that at the php file write

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How to send mail using phpmailer class

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This post explains how to send mail using phpmailer class. With few steps we can integrate it into our website. The following script is for how sending mails using php code. 1) Download php classes from below url     2) Place in your application www/yourapplication/ those files are class.phpmailer.php and class.smtp.php   3) Now

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