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Agile Project methodology

Hi friends,

Now a days project going very fast. and client wants us a perfect output with complete details and without any bugs. Most of the projects doesn’t follow the all details ( some methodology ) to complete the website.

Agile methodology | Anil Labs
Agile methodology | Anil Labs

Agile Project methodology is very simple and easy to implement. It is very fast to implement with professional way to complete.

1) Requirement analysis
It is also called as brainstorm.
2) Design Document & Prototype
It is also called as design
3) Iteration , Demo & feedback
It is also called development
4) Identify defects & resolve bugs
It is also called quality assurance.
5) Production & Technical support
It is called deployment.

agilechart | Anil Labs
agilechart | Anil Labs

3 thoughts on “Agile Project methodology”

  1. Hi Anil,

    Are you implementing this Agile Methodology in your projects?

    I think learning or implementing Agile in the exact way as it is, can be compared with an OCEAN. But you said that to be very simple. If this has to be considered as SIMPLE for anyone to implement then every company would have started implementing the same by now.

    And I also know that there are few specialized Consulting companies like ThoughtWorks which do tremendous research on this Agile Methodology and follow the same for their projects.

    But I really don’t know as how many of the Indian firms are implementing this for their projects. What do you say?


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