List of posts using php code in my blog

There is list of posts using php code , hope that it will be useful

·        File Extenstion Using PHP

·        How to add line breaks in the textarea

·        What is cron job ? How to set the cron job in PHP?

·        PHP Charts with using Google API

·        SEO – URL using php code and .htaccess

·        Generation of SEO URL in php code

·        How to create custom error log files in php?

·        How to get the php data grid?

·        Date Format in the PHP Code?

·        Generating Random Password using PHP code?

·        How to take backup of Database using PHP code?

·        Small urls generated using php code?

·        How to connect to FTP and upload file using php code?

·        How to set the timezone of server using PHP

·        Google maps using php code

·        Current page URL using PHP code?

·        How to external html content to the mail using php?

·        How to get the real IP address using php?

·        Inactive in site then auto logout using php

·        Unzip file using php code

·        Grabbing thumbnail image from youtube using php code

·        Auto post into Blogspot using php code?

·        We get the address by latitude and longitude -using php code

·        How to get links from feed using php

·        Searching for existing domain names?

·        How to remove consecutive whitespaces using php?

·        How to send mail using phpmailer class

·        How to create auto hyperlinks using php code

·        How to clean a string using php code

·        Sending mail using phpmailer and gmail as smtp

·        How to display the mysql table schema using php code?

·        How to create excel file with mysql data using php code

·        Mysql Date functions in php code

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