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How to get list of table names from database in mysql?

Hi friends,

I got the requirement to display the list of table names from the database using php code. I got the solution for it, once check the below code.

1) Connect to database:


2)Get the list of tables from table

$result = mysql_list_tables(“dbname”);

3) Count the total number of tables

$num_tables = mysql_num_rows($result);

3) Display the tables names



echo  “Table : <b>”.mysql_tablename($result,$i).”</b>”;



In this way we can the total table names from the database.

2 thoughts on “How to get list of table names from database in mysql?”

  1. mysql_list_tables is already depricated. You should use mysql_query() to issue SHOW TABLES command. Refer to the PHP Manual for additional details.

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