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Searching for existing domain names?

Hello friends,

Domainr API is used to get the information of existing domain names. it is working for all domains ( most probably might not be work for subdomains). using php code we can get the domain is existing or not with reference to domianr API.


See the following code to retrieve information

PHP script


function getInfo($domain) {
$domain = urlencode($domain); // encode url here...

$request  = "http://domai.nr/api/json/search?";
$request .= "q=".$domain."&";

return $response  = file_get_contents($request);

Pass the domain name to that function like : ( without http )


Get the results in the json format and convert into string:

$obj = json_decode($data);
echo "This domain is ".$obj->{'results'}[0]->{'availability'} ;

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