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How to decrease the server load time?

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The following points to implement while implementing the website then the website is going fast to load and decrease the loading time.

1. Use YSlow for Firebug
2. Use Smush.it for your images
3. Move your Javascript files to the bottom of your page
4. Compress your Javascript
5. Use CSS sprites
6. Split up your data across different domains
7. Use the Google Ajax libraries.
8. Reduce your HTTP requests
9. Compress your CSS files
10. Use GET when using AJAX
11. Do your best to remove any 404s
12. When possible, declare height and width
13. Mon.itor.us
14. Create a website template
15. Check out Pylot
16. Webload
17. Online analyzation tools
18. Site-Perf
19. Choose link over @import
20. Use Cache
21. Use Gzip

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