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What is SEO? and techniques to maintain SEO?

SEO standards for Search Engine Optimization.

To find the all relevant data or contents or information through the search engines.

  • The 60% of people to find the information from the search engines.
  • Search engines are :
  1. E.g.:   Google, Live, MSN, Yahoo, Alta vista
  • Search engines are to crawl all the websites.
  • The data are placed at the search engines databases.
  • Based on the IP, search engine will check for the new website is created.
  • Minimum time is 3 to 4 months for the Google crawl the new website.
  • Making a website optimized for a search engine is called search engine optimization.
  • It is vital role in the search engine
  • To get the market free of cost.
  • For the every website should be search engine optimized for the search engine.

Techniques to maintain the SEO:

1 Website: (Domain name )

Should be small name

2 Content

Relevant to the site and should be uniquely.

3 Relevant title of webpage

–          In the title tag – place the relevant to the site.

–          Unique words grouped and it should be declared as title.

4 Meta Tag:

–          It will instruct the browser search engine to when to search from the keywords from the user.

–          Keywords should be 3 words to 10 words.

–          Description: It is placed at search engine.

–          When we are not declared the keywords and description. Search engine will create own keywords from the content and displayed for search.

5 File Name :

–          Relevant filename ( words should be divided with ‘-‘ )

6 Heading

–          It is very important for search engines

–          Which are in <h1> and <b> tags.

7 Linking to the related websites.

8 Content will be changed ( It will be dynamically)

Google Analytics:

It will give the total information to our website.

Page rank:

It will give the search engine web traffic from the Google.

–          Contents should not be copied from the other websites.

–          Google should be banned when it is not maintain the techniques.

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