Generation of SEO URL in php code

Hi friends below two lines of code is for the generation of user friendly and seo (search engine optimization) urls.

It removes the all white spaces in the url and replace it with the ‘-‘.

It removes the all white spaces at the end of the urls.

It removes the unambiguous text in the urls.

The lines are :



$seo_url=trim(ereg_replace(‘ +’,’ ‘,preg_replace(‘/[^a-zA-Z0-9\s]/’,”,strtolower($seo_url))));

$seo_url=str_replace(‘ ‘,’-‘,$seo_url);



Hope that it will working fine …

3 thoughts on “Generation of SEO URL in php code”

  1. It is just replace the spaces in the keywords and replace the single quote with ‘-‘, that is for eg:

    generation of seo url in php code

    if it is topic like this.
    Then it is convert with the above code to


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