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osCommerce installation

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This post explains how to install osCommerce in your local machine. In earlier we learned about What is osCommerce and how to install osCommerce in localhost? and how to install PHP in your systems. Now we can install osCommerce with screens. osCommerce: osCommerce have tools to set up your very own complete and self-hosted online

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Events calendar implementation in oscommerce using php code

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Hi friends, In this post i want to explain how to implement events calender in oscommerce. We can schedule the products and we can display the which events/products are schedule in which date. And i have implemented demo in smarty application. Screenshot of event calendar :     Call that function in any of your

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Integrating Google Checkout in OsCommerce

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To integrate Google checkout in Oscommcerce , following steps should . steps: 1 download the Google checkout addon from the 2 Follow the steps in the installation file. 3 In the catalog folder change the following files: – checkout_payment.php – gc_return.php – login.php – shoping_cart.php 4 craete a google checkout folder. 5 In the

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Out of memory (Needed 1048548 bytes) in oscommerce

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5 – Out of memory (Needed 1048548 bytes) This error is not occur with the php, this will happen about the mysql error. The only solution is to Need Help Optimising your database? Looking for a good to OPTIMIZE / REPAIR specific tables, databases, or servers? Here is a code that may help. Very easy

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What is osCommerce and how to install osCommerce in localhost?

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Oscommerce is shopping cart open source licensed version. It is purely developed in PHP language. it is download from the site Just follow the following instructions: Unzip the downloaded file in the appserv->www folder. Create a database for the oscommerce shopping cart. just run the file like in the browser http://localhost/oscommerce/catalog/ It is redirected

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Difference Between osCommerce And X-Cart

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What is X-Cart? It is shopping cart software. It is easy to update and customization of layouts. We can easily maintain the static pages. We can maintain as seo friendly urls from the admin panel option. We can give meta keywords and meta description for each page and each products for the front end ,we

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