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Url alias in drupal

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How to configure the url aliases in drupal for friendly urls. suppose your url like : this page for about us page, then we can convert into in your friendly urls like for this we have to follow some configuration in drupal: 1) Administrator -> Site building -> URL aliases 2) Click on

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Create thumbnail images in CodeIgniter

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In this post i would like to explain about how to create thumbnail images in codeigniter framework. In the following function will give the clear understand about the code. Create Thumbnail Function function _createThumbnail($fileName) { $config[’image_library’] = ‘gd2’; $config[’source_image’] = ‘uploads/’ . $fileName; $config[’create_thumb’] = TRUE; $config[’maintain_ratio’] = TRUE; $config[’width’] = 75; $config[’height’] = 75;

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how to configure ctp,thtml in dreamweaver8

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Hi friends, ctp and thtml extension files, are not properly displayed  at dreamweaver, if we want to code difference between php codes and normal text, then  we have to configure. in C:/program files/dreamweaver/configuration/documentTypes/ open the file MMDocumentTypes.xml <documenttype id=”PHP_MySQL” servermodel=”PHP MySQL” internaltype=”Dynamic” winfileextension=”php,php3,php4,php5l” macfileextension=”php,php3,php4,php5″ file=”Default.php” writebyteordermark=”false”> to <documenttype id=”PHP_MySQL” servermodel=”PHP MySQL” internaltype=”Dynamic” winfileextension=”php,php3,php4,php5,inc,module,ctp,thtml” macfileextension=”php,php3,php4,php5,inc,module,ctp,thtml” file=”Default.php”

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How to get links from feed using php

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Hello, following script is getting all urls and tiles from the feeds of the blog. If we want display the all urls and titles at your website then we get the information from below script: function getlinks() { $xml= ""; $xmlDoc = new DOMDocument(); $xmlDoc->load($xml); //get elements from "<channel>" $channel=$xmlDoc->getElementsByTagName(’channel’)->item(0); $channel_title = $channel->getElementsByTagName(’title’) ->item(0)->childNodes->item(0)->nodeValue; $channel_link

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How to integrate fckeditor in smarty application?

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This post explains how to integrate fckeditor in smarty application. Integration of fckeditor in smarty application   1 . in libs\plugins write the foolowing file called function.fckeditor.php <?php /** * Smarty plugin * @package Smarty * @subpackage plugins */ /** * Smarty function plugin * Requires PHP >= 4.3.0 * ————————————————————- * Type: function *

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