Thumbnail image creation using php code

In this post explains how to create thumbnail image using php code.

function make_thumb($img_name,$filename,$new_w,$new_h)
//get image extension.
//creates the new image using the appropriate function from gd library
if(!strcmp(“jpg”,$ext) || !strcmp(“JPG”,$ext) || !strcmp(“jpeg”,$ext) || !strcmp(“JPEG”,$ext))

if(!strcmp(“gif”,$ext) || !strcmp(“GIF”,$ext))

if(!strcmp(“png”,$ext) || !strcmp(“PNG”,$ext))

//gets the dimmensions of the image


if($ratio1>$ratio2) {
else {
// we create a new image with the new dimmensions

// resize the big image to the new created one

// output the created image to the file. Now we will have the thumbnail into the file named by $filename

//destroys source and destination images.


To find out the extension of image with following function:

function getExtension($str) {
$i = strrpos($str,”.”);
if (!$i) { return “”; }
$l = strlen($str) – $i;
$ext = substr($str,$i+1,$l);
return $ext;

Call the particular thumbnail function like :

echo “Thumbnail created successfully…!!!”;

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    Create thumbnail image by php
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